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Welcome to your net-source of local Long Island honeybee products.
We also have some information on honeybees, pollination, and pesticide use in your garden.

Description: tiancam  Introduction - Ray Lackey , Master Beekeeper of Eastern Apiculture Society, President of Long Island Beekeepers Club and Honeybee Consultant for the North American Fruit Explorers (NAFEX) introduction text

Description: tiancam  Presentations - Honeybee presentations for schools and other groups on Long Island

*       Local Sales - Honey and Beeswax Candles at our Self-Serve Stand

*       Honey and Beeswax Candles Ordering - Order form for bee products with prices

*       Beekeeping Classes – Beekeeping Classes for Novice and Advanced Beekeepers on Long Island


*      Beekeeping Equipment – Beekeeping woodenware and plastic frames for Beekeepers on Long Island

*       Purchasing Honeybees – We order Nucs from the south for early spring startup on Long Island

*       Observation Hives - Information on Observation Hives, sales, design, and maintenance

  Honeybee Swarm

If you have a swarm of bees gathered by your house in my area of Western Suffolk County, NY and need them removed, call 631*707*1544

Other places on Long Island, go to Long Island Beekeeper’s Club Swarm List

*       Yard Rental Letter - I am always looking for good sites. Would you be interested in bees in your back yard?

*      Yard Rental Agreement - A simple agreement can save us both a hassle in the future.

*      Pollination Order and Agreement - A simple pollination agreement establishes the rules.

Honeybee Information

*      Presentation Text - Honeybee presentation text

*      Pollination - Honeybee decline and Pollination text

*      Pesticide use - Pesticide use text

*      Novice Beekeeper Guide - Long Island Beekeepers' Club - Guide for Novice Beekeepers

*      Monthly Column relative to Long Island - Long Island Experts


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