Honeybee Presentations
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Ray Lackey, 1260 Walnut Ave. Bohemia NY 11716-2176
Phone: (631)567-1936 email:lackeyray@tianca.com

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We bring an observation hive with several thousand bees into your facility and teach, and entertain, your group with interesting information about this fascinating social insect.

We have:

  • Knowledgeable, dynamic speaker.
  • Live bees in observation hive.
  • Hands-on materials.
  • Detailed pictures and posters.
  • Supplementary materials.

Our presentations are interesting, and educational.

We provide advance, and follow-up, classroom materials and adjust the presentation for the audience age, size, and time available. Standard titles include:

  • Our Friend, the Honeybee - normally geared to the younger ages but good general presentation, easily adjusted.
  • Honeybee Pollination - normally geared to older students and can be adjusted in detail for biology students and farmers.
  • Where have all the bees gone? - geared to interested adults, garden clubs and farmers. Recently imported parasites are wiping out the wild honeybees. This is having a major effect on agricultural pollination.

We are again listed in the BOCES Arts-in-Education book under the Exploratory Enrichment heading for classroom presentations in our schools.

"Lectures are always informative and interesting." Alison Tews, Director South Shore Nature Center



We stimulate interest in nature and the environment through an insect both fascinating and a little frightening, a combination irresistible to children of all ages, young or old.

We teach:

  • Life cycle of insects.
  • Honeybees as Social Insects.
    • Different members of the hive.
    • How bees communicate.
  • Symbiotic relationship of plants and Honeybees.
    • Where honey comes from.
    • What is pollination
  • How honeybees differ from other bees, hornets, and wasps.
  • History of man keeping bees.
  • Products of the hive.
    • Pollination
    • Honey
    • Beeswax
    • Venom
    • Pollen
    • Propolis

We have a full line of products and services related to beekeeping:

  • PRODUCTS: Observation hives, Educational displays, L.I. Honey, Beeswax, Beeswax candles, bees, and beekeeping equipment.
  • SERVICES: Custom design, installation, and maintenance of honeybee displays, short term observation hive rental, swarm removal, pollination rentals, and presentations.

"I would highly recommend Ray to do educational honeybee programs for any age group... as they are articulate, interesting, educational, and fun." Timothea Nalepa, Environmental Educator, Holtsville Ecology Site



Let us help you make your program more interesting!!

We are a unique resource to enhance your classroom or activity schedule, at school, in a club, or at camp. We will coordinate with your curriculum and have become an anticipated event in schools where we return annually to a particular grade.

Call to discuss your application. We will work out a program customized around your goals and situation.

"His program is both informing and entertaining." Amy L. Freiman, Executive Director,
The Environmental Centers of Setauket-Smithtown Inc.


Ray Lackey
Honeybee Consultant

Ray Lackey was raised in western Pennsylvania on a typical small farm of the area. His grandfather used wood sections for producing comb honey. He has been keeping bees on Long Island for over 25 years. Ray received his certification as a Master Beekeeper from Eastern Apiculture Society of North America, a certification recognized by New York and most other states as being very qualified in knowledge of honeybees. He has given numerous honeybee presentations at parks, nature centers and schools. He maintains many of the observation hives at local parks and nature centers. His love for nature, and especially honeybees, shows in his presentations. Ray has served as president of the Long Island Beekeepers Club. He has worked with a Boy Scout troop for over fifteen years so he understands and can deal with kids. He is also a research engineer in electronics and regularly speaks to large professional groups. (The photo shows him and his daughter Anita, four years of age, in a bee cage at a fair. This was a controlled situation with known bees. Do not do this at home!!!)