Bees for Starting Hives

2016 – Updated Feb 1, 2016


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Due to our eminent move to Michigan, I will not be selling bees this year.

From the LI Beekeepers newsletter:

·       Queens, Nucs, Full Hives for Sale.  Ernie Schwasnick 631-582-3184.

·        Small number of Nucs with Carniolan Queens for sale.  Moira Alexander 631-265-8249.

·        Nucs for sale.  Donal Peterson. 631-827-1810.

·        Nucs for sale.  Charlie DiStefano, 631-924-0619.

·        4lb. Packages with Italian Queen.  Order early.  Call Pete Bizzoso for info at 631-874-4750.

·        3lb. Packages, Nucs, and Queens.  Order packages early.  Rich Blohm at 631-271-7812 or

·        Nucs and packages (March—June) Dale Williams at 631-475-8315 or