Bee Yard Agreement

To whom it may concern:

This document certifies that I have granted permission to the beekeeper, Ray Lackey, to maintain honeybees on my property at:

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Town: _________________________________________________________________________

He has been granted permission to access the area for the maintenance and movement of the hives with the following restrictions:

____ None

____ Phone notification for after-dark visits.

____ Hive limit of ______ hives. (4 nucs are equivalent to 1 hive.)

____ Access gates are to be kept locked. Key is provided.

____ Other: _____________________________________________________________



The hives and bees are solely the property of Tianca, LLC, dba Sweet Pines Apiary and will not be purposely damaged or disturbed by my permission or order.

Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Town: ________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________________________________________

Signed: __________________________________________ ____________________(date)

The beekeeper will maintain the bees so that they do not constitute a nuisance to the neighborhood and will abide by above designated restrictions. It is understood that the hives will be removed at the earliest, mutual convenience, should a problem arise.

Signed: __________________________________________ ____________________( date)

Raymond J. Lackey, Member, Tianca, LLC, dba Sweet Pines Apiary

1260 Walnut Avenue, Bohemia, NY 11716-2176; Phone: 631-567-1936; Cell: 631-707-1544

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